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Laura Swisher is a producer, writer and stand-up comic living in Brooklyn. Watchers of television will have seen her work as a producer on  ”Totally Biased”, “The Daily Show”, “Onion News Network”, “The Independent Spirit Awards”, Bravo and elsewhere. A news and pop culture junkie, she has interviewed a bazillion celebrities on sets and red carpets, in TV studios, at junkets, and, on more than one occasion, in a moving vehicle. Technology geeks may recognize her from Tech TV and G4 as the co-host of “Unscrewed with Martin Sargent”, the show that broadcast funny, weird and disturbing web clips back when people still had Friendster profiles. Laura’s stand-up has been featured on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and “Comics Unleashed”. And finally, Arianna Huffington, Salma Hayek and Baby Spice have all made favorable comments about her hair.